Main areas of medical tourism in Ukraine

Medical tourism in Ukraine is rapidly developing. The medical reform of 2012 allowed making a significant leap forward not only to state medical institutions, but also to private clinics. And now about 65 thousand foreigners visit the country annually to get qualitative and, what is important, affordable treatment, thus replenishing the country’s budget with USD 182 mln.

What is worth knowing about the development of medical tourism in Ukraine?

Services in this sphere have gained immense popularity since 2012. At that time there were only 30 clinics in the country that provided these services. Since then, the number of clinics accepting foreigners has tripled annually. And this means that more and more people around the world are seeking medical care in Ukraine.

Frequent guests of Ukraine in this field of tourism are residents of European countries, including Germany, France, Great Britain, Moldova, as well as Belarus, Turkey and Russia. In recent years the number of tourists from China, UAE and Central Asia has increased rapidly.

One of the most promising regions for the development of Ukrainian medical tourism in the country is considered to be Kharkiv region. The quality of medical services in this region is rapidly developing.

The most demanded among foreigners are services in the following directions:

  • stomatology
  • ophthalmology
  • reproductive health
  • plastic surgery
  • rehabilitation therapy

Numbers speak for themselves

  • 18% of foreigners come to Ukraine for ophthalmological and dental treatment
  • 57% visit the country thanks to the high level of medicine in the field of plastic surgery, orthopedics, heart surgery, and reproductive medicine.
  • All of them point out the attractive price-to-quality ratio for foreign citizens.
  • The prices for treatment in Ukraine are 30-70% higher than in other European and other countries.

How is medical treatment in Ukraine attractive for foreigners?

As we mentioned before the high quality of medical services and at the same time affordable prices speak in favor of Ukraine. But these are not all the reasons for this choice.

Foreigners also name comfort among the reasons. The patient is provided by medical tourism agencies with quality accommodation and the possibility of staying over the whole period of treatment, transfer services, guide and interpreter.

Also in Ukraine a patient gets to see a doctor as quickly as possible and does not have to wait several weeks, as in the native country.

What medical services are most in demand?

  • Dentistry

One of the most popular destinations among tourists coming to our country. The reason lies in the low cost of services rendered. This is relevant, because abroad insurance does not cover most dental services. Moreover local doctors have excellent experience in working with problematic teeth, which enables them to restore a tooth and avoid extraction.

  • Reproductive Health

Ukraine can boast the good results in the area of artificial insemination. At the same time it is absolutely legal in our country. These two aspects are decisive for many foreign citizens.

  • Ophthalmology

The Ukrainian Ophthalmology clinic is renowned throughout the world. Since its establishment it has welcomed thousands of foreigners and helped people from over 50 countries to improve and regain their sight.

  • Cardiosurgery

The country’s medical centres have powerful equipment required for treating heart diseases. At the same time, the cost of surgical treatment is quite reasonable. Ukrainian doctors are ready to help even in cases when others say treatment is hopeless. And even in such situations the success rate of their services is up to 90%.

Ukrainian medical institutions, which are the most demanded among foreigners:

  • Nadiya Clinic – Reproductology Kiev
  • Grishchenko Clinic – Reproduction Surgery Kharkov
  • Clinic Oftalmyka – Ophthalmology Kharkov
  • Institute of Cellular Medicine – Stem Cells Kiev
  • Spizhenko Clinic – oncology Kiev
  • Lisod – oncology Kiev

Medical treatment for foreigners in Ukraine has gained immense popularity and continues to gain momentum. If you are interested in the possibility of receiving treatment in our country you can order services directly on our website. We cooperate with leading medical establishments and organize trips to Ukraine for foreigners. Applying to our company you get a full range of services – from choosing appropriate medical facility to making contact with a doctor, from arranging accommodation, transfer to accompanying interpreter, from arranging additional examinations to controlling treatment program.

Tourism in Ukraine: why foreigners want to spend vacations here

In 2019, Ukraine was visited by about 14 million foreign tourists from Europe, Asia, the United States and neighboring countries. In 2020, their number decreased because of the coronavirus, but the interest in the country has not disappeared. What foreign tourists are going for and how they spend their time in Ukraine – read about it in our article.

What can a foreign tourist do in Ukraine? According to statistics, some people like to spend their vacations in Kiev, while others prefer the sea or Odessa. There are those who come especially to see the Chernobyl zone, and those who go to be treated in private clinics.

Spend an urban vacation in Kiev

Europeans see Kiev as a compact and quiet city with a developed infrastructure. It is nice here from April till September. Ukraine has quite a mild climate, which is customary for residents of European countries, the US and Canada. To travel in Kiev subway is many times easier than in London, Paris or even Moscow: there are only 3 branches. To get from one end of the city to another takes no more than an hour and 1-2 transfers (sometimes without them).

In terms of comfort Kiev is not inferior to European capitals: 2 airports near the city, hundreds of hotels, theaters, restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment venues, nightclubs and much more. The city is constantly interesting events: exhibitions, concerts, festivals, sports competitions, so the question “How to spend the evening?” there is always an answer.

And the best part: the prices. For the same pastime in Europe will have to lay out 3 times more.

Relax in Odessa.

Odessa offers almost the same benefits as the capital, and in addition the beach vacation. Because of this reason during the holiday season here comes a lot of tourists from neighboring countries.


The gloomy symbol of Ukraine continues to attract foreigners. So, in 2019, about 50 thousand citizens of other countries visited the Chernobyl zone. Travel agencies offer many options for tours, individual and group, for a day and a whole week, with visits to the nuclear power plant, the radar station Duga (Chernobyl-2), the Red Forest, the abandoned village of Kopachi, the stele with the inscription “Pripyat”.

To take advantage of medical services

Ukraine is one of the popular centers of inbound medical tourism. Tens of thousands of foreigners come here with a specific goal – to use medical services in one of the private clinics.

The most popular destinations include dentistry, reproductology, plastic surgery, infertility treatment, cell therapy, cardiology, rehabilitation, etc.

The major reason for choosing such clinics is low prices for treatment and high level of medical service. Ukrainian clinics use the latest equipment and materials. Laboratories are equipped according to European standards. This is compounded by favorable legislation on reproductive medicine, stem cell treatment, and surrogacy. As a result we have practically ideal conditions for foreign citizens. Some medical services that they receive in Ukraine they cannot use in their own country.

We have considered only a few destinations that are in demand among foreign tourists. There are also old castles, churches and fortresses, parks and nature reserves, lakes, rivers, Carpathian Mountains and of course Lviv. And in conclusion, let’s not forget about the delicious Ukrainian cuisine! After all, one of the popular tourist destinations in Ukraine is gastro tourism. But this topic deserves a separate, quite lengthy article.