When we talk about tourism and Ukraine, most often we think about Ukrainians traveling around the world. However, the attractiveness of Ukraine for foreigners is a revelation for many. The country has developed business, urban, extreme (Chernobyl zone) and, of course, medical tourism. In 2019 alone, 13.6 million foreigners visited the country, who spent $1.4 billion during their stay. From which countries foreigners come, what they are interested in, as well as who is the most generous, we tell below.

Where do foreigners come from, and how much does it cost to stay in Ukraine?

Let’s note right away that we will be guided by the statistics and the results of 2019 as the most revealing.

Most often come to Ukraine residents of Moldova (1,8 million), Russia (600 thousand), Hungary (about 420 thousand), Belarus (almost 500 thousand), Poland (almost 500 thousand), Slovakia, Israel, Romania, Turkey, Germany, UK and USA.

Oleh Nemchinov, minister of Ukraine

As it turned out from the information of the Cabinet of Ministers, the biggest spenders are guests from Turkey. They spend on average €115 per day. But the British, Germans and Americans spend in Ukraine 93-95 euros per day. Citizens of France and Poland, who spend 64 and 86 euros a day, won’t get the next place. The Byelorussians, on the other hand, spent 58 euros a day.

According to the experts, the Belarusians, Moldovans and other guests of the country most often come to have a rest by the sea, the Carpathians and to enjoy the historical motives of Lviv. We should not forget about the considerable flow of foreigners arriving in the framework of medical tourism. We are talking about 65 thousand foreigners who prefer to be treated in Ukraine every year.

What attracts tourists?

Chernobyl Zone

This zone is incredibly attractive to tourists and has become a unique tourist product in its own way. In 2019, more than 70 thousand people visited the Chernobyl zone. Significantly spurred the interest among foreigners by the series “Chernobyl”, which came out on HBO and became incredibly popular.

In travel agencies you can choose and order a variety of tours. A standard one-day tour includes a visit to the nuclear power plant, the Red Forest, the Duga station, the village of Kopachi and the stele with the inscription “Pripyat”. Such a tour costs about $100 for foreigners. There are also more extended week-long tours which cost $400-450.

City tourism

Most often foreigners give preference to Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Kiev attracts most of all foreigners as a part of business tourism. Kiev is a perfect place for short-term visits, negotiations and so on. Besides there are a lot of events and festivals, which are more than affordable for foreigners. We should not forget about the historical monuments of the capital.

Lviv and Odessa are more popular in spring and summer, when foreigners can fully enjoy the beauty and colorfulness of these cities.

Medical Tourism

Dozens of thousands of foreigners come to Ukraine every year to get high-quality and, most importantly, affordable medical treatment. Some of the most demanded medical fields include ophthalmology, dentistry, reproductology, and cardio surgery. The following medical facilities are in high demand:

  • Nadiya Clinic (reproductology Kiev).
  • Grishchenko Clinic – Reproductology Kharkov
  • Ophthalmic Clinic – ophthalmology in Kharkov
  • Institute of Cellular Medicine – stem cells in Kiev
  • Lisod – oncology in Kiev

Moreover, foreigners can not only receive quality treatment, but also take advantage of comprehensive services for organization of stay and leisure in the country, starting from selection of adequate medical facility to accompaniment of guide and interpreter.